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Applied Yoga : Transforming Practice into Living



The ‘Applied Yoga’ blog series is an invitation to weave the philosophy and practice of yoga into the fabric of your daily life. These blogs are designed to enlighten and inspire. Taking you beyond the physical postures, explore how yoga can help you shape a more fulfilling, mindful and serene lifestyle. Each post can be a stepping stone towards embodying the true essence of yoga, in every moment.

This series is here to help you carry the wisdom of yoga into your everyday. A guide to integrating the profound teachings of yoga into any and every aspect of life, it offers practical tips for a happy, conscious, peaceful existence.



Yoga Pose Navasana Change: Responding v Reacting
Sirsasana Pike Headstand Yoga Pose, Estepona. Nirmala Yoga Spain by Fox No Limits, 2024.
Sukasana Yoga Pose, Estepona. Nirmala Yoga Spain by Fox No Limits.