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Styles of Yoga

If you’re looking to book a private yoga session – for yourself or as a gift – but aren’t sure which style(s) of yoga would suit you best, read below to find out more. And don’t worry, if you’re still not sure, we’ll figure it out together during the Free Consultation.

Therapeutic Yoga

If you’ve had any kind of trauma, are recovering from an injury or illness or are living with a physical, mental or emotional condition, Therapeutic Yoga may be able to help. It combines yoga, pilates, neuro- biomechanics & rehabilitation techniques with the idealogy of yoga master BKS Iyengar, who said: “Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured.”

Yin Yoga

A slow and restorative yoga practice. Longer holds in fewer positions to allow muscles, joints and connective tissues to release and the Nervous System to relax. Ideal for those with a strenuous or stressful lifestyle. Suitable for all levels.

Dynamic Yoga

In the styles of Power Yoga & dynamic Vinyasa Flow. A faster, physically stronger practice. Ideal for those with a less active lifestyle who are looking to move & build strength. Suitable for all levels.

Beginners Yoga

An introduction to yoga that meets you where you are. We will find the variations and modifications that suit you best whilst working on key elements such as posture, breathwork and the foundations of common asanas (poses). Beginners Yoga sessions will equip you with the knowledge to join any yoga class, anywhere, safely and with the confidence to show up and do what’s right for you.

Complementary Yoga (for athletes)

For amateur and professional athletes, Complementary Yoga teaches you how to “fill in the gaps” ie: the things that can get missed when we become focused on just one sport/past-time and repeatedly execute specific movements while neglecting others. Using Prehab Techniques to help prevent common injuries within your sport along with yoga, breathwork & neuro-biomechanics to leave you better than ever… in your sport and in your life.

Just for Fun Yoga

With an emphasis on not taking ourselves too seriously, Just for Fun yoga is exactly that: playful and light-hearted. Suitable for all levels.

Raja Yoga/Yoga Philosophy

Guidance through the ancient, traditional philosophies of yoga and how we can apply them in our lives today. Ideal for yoga teacher trainees or anyone looking to delve deeper into Yoga Philosophy. Suitable for all.


Ideal if you’re new to Meditation, looking to expand and deepen your knowledge or even if you just want someone to hold space for you as you deeply connect to your practice.

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