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Beachside Yoga Classes in Estepona, Therapeutic Private Sessions along the coast & Online Yoga Classes.

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Beachside Yoga For Every Body. Playa de Punto Plata, Estepona. Breathe Deep. Move Your Body. Be Outside. Connect to Nature. Connect to Yourself.
Therapeutic, Science-backed, Healing Yoga. Supportive, Compassionate, Holistic, Trauma-informed. Private Sessions. Marbella, Estepona, Sotogrande.
Online Yoga. Group & Private Classes. Breathwork, Meditation & Hatha for Body, Mind, Heart & Soul

Malasana Yoga Pose by the sea, Estepona. Nirmala Yoga by Fox No Limits
Beachside Yoga Sessions in stunning Andalusia, Spain.

Hi, I’m Nette. The yogi behind Nirmala Yoga Spain.
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Nette has a degree in Sports & Life Sciences, is Yoga Alliance certified and has over a decade of experience teaching yoga, functional training, meditation & breathwork. She blends a variety of disciplines and sciences under the umbrella of Yoga to create a healthful, inclusive, student-centric practice.
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The name Nirmala is sanskrit, given to Nette by her Raja Yoga teacher Nalanie, who’s own teacher was Swami Satchidananda. Raja is just one of the many types of yoga available.

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Hanumanasana Yoga Pose by the sea. Nirmala Yoga, Estepona by Fox No Limits
Hanumanasana / Splits Pose

YouTube Yoga Videos

Practise right now with Nette on the Nette Nirmala Yoga
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Nirmala Yoga YouTube Channel. Full Yoga Classes.Mini Yoga Classes. Guided Meditations. Yoga off the Mat.

Yoga Classes

Eka Pada Koudinyasana Yoga Pose, Estepona. Nirmala Yoga Spain by Fox No Limits.
Eka Pada Koudinyasana 1

Nette offers public and private yoga classes in Estepona, Spain and also online. Classes are suitable for every level, from absolute beginner to experienced yogi. Currently, each week, there are 2 outdoor public classes and 2 online Zoom classes available, along with private classes both in person and online.

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