About Nette

Nette – as Jeannette is affectionately known to her friends and students – embodies the fusion of movement, mindfulness, and the sun-kissed spirit of Andalusia.

Nette has a degree in Sports & Life Sciences, is Yoga Alliance certified and has over a decade of experience teaching yoga, functional training, meditation & breathwork. She blends a variety of disciplines and sciences under the umbrella of Yoga to create a healthful, inclusive, student-centric practice.

A Journey of Passion and Purpose

Born and raised in the UK, Nette travelled and worked around the world before arriving in Andalusia. She immediately fell in love with the stunning landscapes, the vibrant-yet-relaxed energy and the warm embrace of the people.

An introverted yet competitive athlete since childhood, Nette sprinted, leaped, and galloped her way through life. Already familiar with grief, the loss of a family friend at a tender age and the unexpected inheritance of a collection of Psychology books opened new doors. The academic route she took focused mainly on the human body. An avid reader, Nette used her spare time to dive into the realms of Psychology, Neurology, Philosophy, Quantum Mechanics, and more. Her desire to unravel the intricacies of the human mind, body & emotions – and how they are connected – shows no sign of waning.

Beachside Yoga in Estepona. Nirmala Yoga Spain by Fox No Limits.

When she discovered that all of these topics constituted integral aspects of Yoga, she knew she had found her Passion.
Not too long afterwards, when Yoga helped her recovery from a car accident, she knew she had found her Purpose.

Read more about how Yoga helped Nette personally to recover from a life-changing accident.

Empowering Transformation: Nette’s Guiding Principle

Nette’s teaching philosophy is simple yet profound: “Leave your students better than you find them.” This mantra propels her forward, driving her to stay at the forefront of movement and health sciences. She believes that every class is an opportunity to inspire, heal, and empower. Whether it’s a sunrise flow or a moonlit meditation, Nette infuses her sessions with authenticity and purpose.

Testimonials about Nette

Raja Yoga with Nalanie Chellaram in Andalusia Spain in 2014
Raja Yoga with Nalanie Chellaram. Jan 2014
Frog Lotus Yoga Graduation March 2014
Frog Lotus Yoga YTT. March 2014

“Yoga Heals.
We just have to let it.
~ Nette

Yoga photos of Estepona Yoga Classes with Nirmala Yoga.


Gratitude is a Great Attitude

Everyone we meet can teach us something, if we are willing to learn.
Special thanks to my mentors & teachers, who nurtured, challenged, guided & inspired me. And with whom it’s been a privilege to learn from in person.

Petra Lindros ~ Teacher & Mentor. Kat Sattman ~ Teacher & Mentor. Carola Polo ~Iyengar Warrioress. Nalanie Chellaram ~ Teacher & Mentor. Vidya Heisel & Alicia Waters ~ Frog & Lotus Yoga. Thomas Campbell ~ Physicist & Author of My Big T.O.E. Cat Kabira ~Yin & Energy Healing. Denise Payne ~ Yin Yoga & Myofascial Release. Punnu Wasu ~ Oneness University. Tina Nance~ Yin Goddess. Tippy Kingston ~ Reiki Master, Mentor, Facilitator & Friend.