Karma Yoga/Volunteering

Karma Yoga is one of the traditional paths of spirituality.
It is known as the “Yoga of Action”.
A path of Selfless Service.
(Although, as anyone who has ever helped others knows, those of us volunteering usually get as much from an Act of Compassion as the beneficiary if it!)

Karma Yoga alone is one way to practise yoga fully… without a downward-facing dog in sight.

Nette has volunteered with various charities over the last (almost) thirty years. More recently, collaborating with local and international charity Collective Calling.

Giving Feels Great, whether it be time, items, money, talents, , care, love or enthusiasm.

~ Nette

If you’d like to donate or volunteer, projects and sponsorships are ongoing.

Donate to Collective Calling Here

Find out more about Collective Calling & their Events & Volunteer Opportunities Here

Photo (above) from 2020 Collective Calling Local Project in Spain.

Photos (below) from 2017 Collective Calling Overseas Mission to Turkey.