How to connect with Nette & the best way to contact Nirmala Yoga.
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How to Connect with Nette

Check out how to contact Nirmala Yoga for Classes, Consultations and more information below.
And stay connected via Youtube, Facebook & Instagram and by signing up to the Nirmala Yoga Email List. (There’s a little surprise Thank You gift for you, when you do! Thank you!!)

Message on WhatsApp

Have a quick question? Send me a Whatsapp message!
Just click on the green button below, and we’ll chat.
Whether you have a query about classes, want to book a session or just have a general question about yoga & meditation and how they might help you.

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Dive into the visual world of yoga with @nettenirmalayoga on Instagram. Yoga poses, mindfulness and candid behind-the-scenes moments with Nette, Poppy and Pepper. There’s an archive of almost 800 posts ranging from the sublime to the silly! Expect lots of sunrises and sunsets and plenty of IG stories, too. All of it connecting back to yoga as a way of life.

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Join the Nirmala Yoga Spain Facebook Community for inspiration and info. You can contact Nirmala Yoga via Facebook Messenger but for a quicker response, please use Whatsapp.

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Explore the Nirmala Yoga YouTube video library and practise with Nette anytime, anywhere. There are full yoga sessions, mini tutorials and soothing meditations.
Subscribe & hit the notification bell to stay connected. And please feel free to like, comment & share the ones you enjoy to help others find them, too.

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