Loveletter Archives : Sleep & Savasana

If In Doubt, Take a Nap. I’m serious. It works. In the UK, naps are often thought of as something only babies do.Here in Spain, they are for everyone, just like Yoga! And guess what, they both help us out in many of the same ways. Just like your computer, if your mind is whirring… Continue reading Loveletter Archives : Sleep & Savasana

Loveletter Archives : Getting into Meditation

Meditation Q1 – Do you ever have times, days, weeks, even months or years when there are so many thoughts or worries or ‘things to do’ spinning around in your head that you can’t… relax concentrate sleep Q2 – Do you ever find yourself replaying past events, conversations, mistakes or “would’ve/could’ve/should’ve” scenarios in your mind?… Continue reading Loveletter Archives : Getting into Meditation