Loveletter Archives : Sleep & Savasana

If In Doubt, Take a Nap. I’m serious. It works. In the UK, naps are often thought of as something only babies do.Here in Spain, they are for everyone, just like Yoga! And guess what, they both help us out in many of the same ways. Just like your computer, if your mind is whirring… Continue reading Loveletter Archives : Sleep & Savasana

Applied Yoga – Part 5: Am I Less Advanced in Yoga Now?

What is Advanced Yoga? I used to be able to do the splits. Am I less “advanced” in yoga now compared to when my body could do better things? After this many years, surely I should have an easy splits and be walking around on my hands, right? Those were two of the “goals” I… Continue reading Applied Yoga – Part 5: Am I Less Advanced in Yoga Now?

The Philosophy of Yoga

Luckily these days no-one is precluded from reaping the rewards of yoga. These philosophies are often woven into classes without you even realising. All can be practiced “on the mat” but it’s when we take them “off the mat” and into the world – into our daily lives, our work, our play and our relationships – that we start to really see the magic happen!