“It’s difficult to put into words just how great yoga with Nette is. She really cares about evey participant and can incorporate beginners and advanced levels into every class. I recommend trying one of her classes at least once… for me it’s a genuine yoga experience, and now my mum loves coming too. Thanks Nette xxx”

~ Jules, UK

“I love practising yoga with Nette! She always demonstrates a few different variations of a pose so you can choose the challenge best suited to your ability. I have never taken another yoga class that gives you so much confidence and freedom to explore your capabilities!! Her voice is just heaven come time for savasana.

~ Mitzi, UK

“Nette is a fantastic yoga teacher!  As a beginner I really felt comfortable during the sessions and was able to progress at my own pace. Gradually I have become more subtle and balanced and can feel the benefits!  I would highly recommend the classes to all levels! Nette is a superstar!”

– Jordanne, UK

“I love doing yoga with Nette. As a teacher she is very inspiring, fun and encouraging, no matter what level you are at. I can warmly recommend her for an extensive knowledge and passion.”

Evelina, Holland

“I have been attending Nette’s classes for almost a year now. My primary reason for going was because I was advised to practice yoga for my neck and shoulders, as I’ve had problems with them most of my life. It is noticeable that I have hardly had a single episode of the seizing up – the only time it has happened was when I couldn’t make it to the class for a couple of weeks. Nette’s approach is wonderfully holistic – and the benefits are manifold. Not only do I feel more supple and strong, but my mind is healthier. I always feel like a new woman after her class (which helps as I have a demanding job and three children!). I am also more aware of my body, my posture and generally more mindful. I do a fair bit of mountain biking, and the yoga with Nette makes me feel stronger – it is a good complementary activity. Nette radiates positivity and she is always extremely attentive to every class member, taking care to find out how we are, and if they have any aches and pains. She gives her all to the classes – I look forward to going to every session, and so does my husband (he benefits from the effect Nette’s classes have on me!).”

~ Sol, Spain

“I have been doing yoga with Jeannette for almost two years. Can say I love it! I have gotten stronger in all senses of the word. I look forward to going to class and doing something I love with friendly people.”

~ Tamsin, Holland

“Considered, thoughtful and deeply restorative tuition from a very caring practitioner and teacher. Attention payed to individual conditions. Very friendly and warm. Thank you, Nette”

~ Shannon, Canada