Loveletter Archives : Sleep & Savasana

If In Doubt, Take a Nap. I’m serious. It works. In the UK, naps are often thought of as something only babies do.Here in Spain, they are for everyone, just like Yoga! And guess what, they both help us out in many of the same ways. Just like your computer, if your mind is whirring… Continue reading Loveletter Archives : Sleep & Savasana

This is Not a January Detox

You’re going to see this a lot! After the excesses of Christmas and New Year everyone would like a quick fix to undo the damage done.

The best thing you can do to detoxify the body is to cut out the toxins and let your body clear itself of the excesses already consumed. OK, the best thing would be to not put your body under stress by applying moderation through the holidays… *she writes, eyeing her own personal family size tub of empty chocolates!