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If you’ve taken all the YouTube classes and are eagerly awaiting the next, check out the Nirmala Yoga Vimeo channel for some older videos, like the ones below:

Find Your Joy

Recorded on the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse November 2020.
Finding the Joy and beaming it into the world with some healthy heart-openers.

Seated Meditation Start ~ Neck ~ Shoulders ~ Camel Pose ~ Downward Facing Dog ~ Sphinx Pose ~ Seal Pose ~ Crocodile Pose ~ Frog Stretch ~ Child Pose ~ Warrior Variation ~ Head-to-knee Pose ~ Side Plank Variations ~ Forward Fold ~ Twists ~ Savasana

Remember, First Do No Harm.
Not every Pose is for every Body.

Hips, Holds, Twists & Folds

Moving slowly through basic poses with options to explore, to strengthen, and to relax, release and restore.

Savasana Start ~ Block Work ~ Shoulders ~ Hips ~ Restorative & Stronger Options ~ Gentle Twists ~ Exploration ~ Core ~ Balance Poses ~ Seated Poses ~ Savasana

Remember, First Do No Harm.
Not every Pose is for every Body.

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