Yoga off the Mat (& Back to Nature: The Caminito del Rey)

Yoga Off the Mat When we think of yoga, we often think of super flexible folks making crazy shapes on a yoga mat but there is more than one way to practise the art. Here are 3 ways to practise yoga, without a yoga mat in sight:- Philosophy Yoga “off the mat” could be nothing… Continue reading Yoga off the Mat (& Back to Nature: The Caminito del Rey)

This is Not a January Detox

You’re going to see this a lot! After the excesses of Christmas and New Year everyone would like a quick fix to undo the damage done.

The best thing you can do to detoxify the body is to cut out the toxins and let your body clear itself of the excesses already consumed. OK, the best thing would be to not put your body under stress by applying moderation through the holidays… *she writes, eyeing her own personal family size tub of empty chocolates!

My Dream Start to the Day

A Morning Routine I like to make my dreams come true as often as possible! I find a great start to the day helps to set you off in the right direction. Here are six tips for how to have a great start to your day, everyday, the Nirmala Yoga way. Pre-dawn Meditation – I… Continue reading My Dream Start to the Day

Yoga: What You Need

What You Need Yoga is about feeling better in your body. We all want that, right? But what do you need to start yoga? While the simple answer is nothing but yourself, you may find the following useful:- Comfy clothes – Breathable material that you can move in. No shoes required, as yoga is practiced… Continue reading Yoga: What You Need

The Philosophy of Yoga

Luckily these days no-one is precluded from reaping the rewards of yoga. These philosophies are often woven into classes without you even realising. All can be practiced “on the mat” but it’s when we take them “off the mat” and into the world – into our daily lives, our work, our play and our relationships – that we start to really see the magic happen!

Yoga: Start Now – Just Breathe

Breathing It’s easy, right? We do it all the time. We don’t have to think about it and the air just keeps coming and going. But what about if we do think about it. See the benefits of breathwork below but first: Try this now! Straighten your back, take a slow, deeeeeeeep breath in through… Continue reading Yoga: Start Now – Just Breathe

If You Can Breathe, You Can Do Yoga

Increasingly popular since being introduced to the west, over the past decade or so, Yoga has boomed! Yoga has never been so accessible. There are more students and more teachers, traditional styles are evolving, new hybrid creations – think SUP Yoga & the martial arts inspired Budakon – and snazzy studios are popping up everywhere. Yoga is definitely trending!… Continue reading If You Can Breathe, You Can Do Yoga