Loveletter Archives : Getting into Meditation

Meditation Q1 – Do you ever have times, days, weeks, even months or years when there are so many thoughts or worries or ‘things to do’ spinning around in your head that you can’t… relax concentrate sleep Q2 – Do you ever find yourself replaying past events, conversations, mistakes or “would’ve/could’ve/should’ve” scenarios in your mind?… Continue reading Loveletter Archives : Getting into Meditation

Yoga: What You Need

What You Need Yoga is about feeling better in your body. We all want that, right? But what do you need to start yoga? While the simple answer is nothing but yourself, you may find the following useful:- Comfy clothes – Breathable material that you can move in. No shoes required, as yoga is practiced… Continue reading Yoga: What You Need

If You Can Breathe, You Can Do Yoga

Increasingly popular since being introduced to the west, over the past decade or so, Yoga has boomed! Yoga has never been so accessible. There are more students and more teachers, traditional styles are evolving, new hybrid creations – think SUP Yoga & the martial arts inspired Budakon – and snazzy studios are popping up everywhere. Yoga is definitely trending!… Continue reading If You Can Breathe, You Can Do Yoga