Loveletter Archives : Energise with Pranayama

Energise – inc Kapalabhati Breath v Breath of Fire Here are some of my favourite ways to energise :- Get outside in the fresh air – whatever the weather! Listen to upbeat tunes. Put all your favourite upifting songs onto one cd/playlist and hit PLAY any time you need a boost. Exercise – dance along… Continue reading Loveletter Archives : Energise with Pranayama

Yoga: What You Need

What You Need Yoga is about feeling better in your body. We all want that, right? But what do you need to start yoga? While the simple answer is nothing but yourself, you may find the following useful:- Comfy clothes – Breathable material that you can move in. No shoes required, as yoga is practiced… Continue reading Yoga: What You Need

Yoga: Start Now – Just Breathe

Breathing It’s easy, right? We do it all the time. We don’t have to think about it and the air just keeps coming and going. But what about if we do think about it. See the benefits of breathwork below but first: Try this now! Straighten your back, take a slow, deeeeeeeep breath in through… Continue reading Yoga: Start Now – Just Breathe